Rundschlingen mit Tragfähigkeit bis 150 Ton, Seite genäht

Höhere Haltbarkeit durch zweifachen Schlauchmantel

All our roundslings with WLL over 10Ton do have a double wall protection sleeve, to provide extra protection to the sling. Special size round slings with very high capacity or extraordinary length are manufactured manually using our own twisted high tenacity polyester yarns. Damaged webbing cover can also be re-stitched, giving a new life to the sling. Round slings up to 40 Tons are according to EN 1492-2. Round slings up to 150 Tons and to required length can be produced according to customer's needs.

1. Individual certificate provided with every sling.
2. All slings can be provided with additional polyester protective sleeve of any length. Various types of sleeves available for roundslings : simple webbing sewn protector with or without Velcro, PVC tubular protection.